Autec Has You Covered Through Winter Or Fall

November 5, 2018

Autec Power Supplies Suitable For the Challenging Demands of Seasonal Weather

Autec Power Systems announces the release of two power supply products ready to reliably power demanding product applications despite weather and environment. These high-efficiency power solutions continue to set the bar for product quality and dependability.

The “Leafy” Constant Current LED Drivers are robustly designed for outdoor LED lighting applications. This model is IP67 rated, UL Listed Class P/Type HL and offered in 40W-400W models. Features include programmable output current, multiple dimming features; 0-10V/PWM/Timer/DALI/EMBEDDED DMX, and dim-to-off.  The aluminum case is slim-line and linear. Moreover, these Constant Current LED Drivers are Near Field Communication Programmable allowing for a myriad of applications. This LWA-C series was designed with environmental conditions and high temperatures in mind to increase longevity and decrease downtime.

In addition, “The Neptune”, is Autec’s IP68 rated industrial desktop power supply, appropriately named for it’s suitability for use in wet locations. This high-efficiency power supply is offered in 6W and 12W models and comes with a waterproof harness and NEMA 5 AC Cord and Plug.

For technical support with selecting the perfect Autec Power Systems solution for your application call Tom Moody at +1-818-338-7706 or the full catalog of power supply products.