Autec Power Systems Attends Del Mar Electronics Show

May 5, 2019

Greetings from San Diego & The Del Mar Electronics Show!

The Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing show in San Diego proved to be a great gathering of technical and innovative minds this week. With so many companies representing the electronics industry, Del Mar became the hub to see what’s new and coming the world’s front runners in scientific solutions. Manufacturers and vendors made their new product lineups available at their booths, with Autec Power Systems being a front-runner with their latest products in the LED driver and power supply categories.

Vence Barnes – Sales Manager, John Duah – Technical Engineer, and Billy Bautista – Marketing Director, were on hand to answer questions regarding their newest models like the 600W and 1200W Arbiter, a high power, high efficiency driver great for both horticultural and commercial applications. This Grow Light LED Driver was the highlight of the booth and showcases just how willing Autec is to respond to customer feedback and provide unique solutions. The submersible Neptune, an IP68 device capable of handling both wet and dry environments and with programmable outputs, was also a bright product for the show. Barnes mentioned “these products went through rigorous R&D as well as passing various quality assurance and global standards” – to provide their customers with the best product that will yield the best results. Bautista notes that the marketing trends and fast paced evolution of technological devices is why Autec “attempts to learn and adapt to how scientific innovation affects the marketplace.” Both of these products feature high quality materials and the Arbiter is a UL Recognized LED Driver.

The horticultural (Grow Light LED Drivers) and medical industries were big target audiences during the show, displaying so many different products now affected by PoE (Power Over Ethernet) and increasing mobility and accessibility to consumers. Where efficiency and quality along with years and years of experience building anything to spec, is something Autec hopes to use as they continue blazing the path in the power supply world.